REV GAZAThe covenanting service for Rev. Geza will be held on Sunday May 15-2016 at St. Stephens church starting at 7 pm.   Probably Kathyrn McIntosh will conduct the service.  (Photos of the service are now in the Photos section)

Rev, Charlene Maguire-McKnight will be responsible for reading the warrant to covenant.

The following individuals from our charge will take part in the service as well.

Presentation of Rev Geza: Laureen Harris
Presentation of:
Bible – Rhonda Harris
Water – Greg Matchett
Bread and Chalice – Dawn Haddad

Communion will be served as part of the service as well


Please note: There will be refreshments following the service, to which those attending from each congregation are asked to contribute.  (This is not a potluck – just sandwiches, sweets, tea and coffee)